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Renewable Energies

Aeronautical and Aerospace Industry

About us

We are a Spanish company which offers consulting services, project design, implementation and maintenance in the areas of:

Production of components for the aviation and aerospace industry

Our engagement

Our engagement to our clients drives us to work, day by day, seeking excellence and innovation with the unique objective of guaranteeing the quality of our works. ROCHE TECNICAL SERVICES was also created to become a transforming agent towards a more sustainable way of life. The achievement of energy efficiency in all our projects and our firm commitment to promote greater use of clean and environmentally friendly energies are evidence of our awareness with our social responsibility with the Planet and all the people who inhabit it


Professionals with extensive experience in their respective work areas compose our team. We are continuously betting for a permanent formation in the latest technologies to implement them in all our projects. These professional services are completed by our personalized and permanent attention that includes telematic management tools and, therefore, immediate resolution of any incident.

Our values

We have 20 years of experience. We work to build a better and more sustainable society


Industrial Refrigeration

The industrial cooling is essential for different industrial sectors, among which the agri-food industry and its respective distribution and commercialization channels stand out. Our technical office has an exhaustive knowledge of the regulations in force and, following these legal principles, designs projects of new creation and updating of installations that require industrial and commercial refrigeration and need to obtain more significant energy efficiency.

We manufacture our equipment with components from the EU, which we transport, assemble and maintain, with an absolute guarantee of quality and after-sales service. We employ a permanent technical assistance service, preventive and corrective tools, and telematic maintenance.

Our scope of action is mainly concentrated in Spain and Portugal, although RST has started the international expansion with works carried out in Chile and Cuba.

We offer personalized services and support according to the specific needs of our clients:

Design, management, and execution of projects

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Updating of installations concerning regulations and energy efficiency

24-hour emergency service every day of the year

Telematic management and after-sales service

Renewable Energies

Renewable energies have proven to be the only alternative to reduce CO2 emissions, global warming, and to avoid climate change. Clean energies such as photovoltaic or wind power are already established to some extent, although a more extensive use would avoid a greater consumption of fossil fuels.

Other renewable energies, such as geothermal and aerothermal, are booming. Taking advantage of the heat is stored inside the Earth, where the temperature remains high and uniform throughout the year.

In Roche Technical Services, we bet for a sustainable future, and therefore we offer comprehensive services:


Design and implementation of energy projects based on the use of clean energy

Maintenance and reconditioning of electrical infrastructures to maximize energy efficiency

Aeronautical and Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has taken on a unique role as an engine of economic development. It has become one of the sectors where more public-private investment concentrates. The leading causes are growing in areas such as C5ISR, the boom in telecommunications, and the need to increase and improve connectivity globally. 

At Roche Technical Services, we are specialists in the implementation of production controls and the machining of specific parts that guarantee alternative cooling systems without the need to use electrical power for satellites and aerospace vehicles.

We are immensely proud to be involved in this sector because we are aware of our contribution to:

Production of high added-value products

Increased competitiveness and productivity of the Spanish aerospace industry in international markets

Strong investment in R&D

Generation of qualified employment and its consequent medium-term economic impact

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